The Origins

Mr Conti Sperandio, founder of our Company, was a pioneer in the field of welding and developed important international experiences in this sector before starting his own business.

The first years of the Fifties when Mr. Conti was 20 years old, He was trained in the boiler works of North Italy, followed by important years in Switzerland and Germany, where he learnt the welding trade and he acquired solid foundation in corporate organization and personnel management.
In the following period his fame as specialized welder spread far beyond the national boundaries, when he started working for the glorious Italian companies Micoperi and Montubi, that quickly sent him to their overseas work yards.
In this way he contributed to the historical building of the Suez Canal and of various offshore platforms in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

The Sixties, those of “Italian miracle”, economic boom and technological progress of the national companies, saw him engaged to the construction of oil pipe lines, starting in Egypt and then passing through Libya, Kuwait and Iran.
Once back in Italy in the early seventies Conti Sperandio was now one of the most popular required for welders in the country and he developed the idea of transforming the expertise, skills and experiences acquired into a Company bearing his name.
So in 1976 the CONTI SPERANDIO was born, with headquarters in Verdello (Bg).
Mr. Conti's driving philosophy was from the beginning to achieve Excellence in the field of welding metals investing significant resources in the best technologies available and in the careful building of a close-knit, dynamic and highly qualified team.
Still today, his sons conserve and carry on as best as possible this approach, forty years after the foundation.

In the years '70-'80 the newly established CONTI SPERANDIO started business dealing with maintenance in some of the major Italian refineries as well as prefabrication in outsourcing of piping, skids, pressure vessels, components, heat exchangers and boilers as partners of the major companies in the sector: oil&gas, cryogenics, boiler works and steam control.

In 1993 the company decided to broaden its range of services creating an area dedicated to trials and hydrostatic testing, but above all creating a cutting edge department for Non Destructive Testing devoted to identifying possible faults in materials and products in order to ensure integrity and safety in operation.
Nowadays the company carries the name of “CONTI SALDATURE s.n.c.” and is managed by the founder’s sons Fabio and Simone Conti and continues to improve for perfection: thus in 2012 it obtained the prestigious naval qualification “Fusion Welded pressure vessels class 2.1” LLOYD'S REGISTER.

Furthermore, since 2014,  it has been working through a Quality System Management according to the ISO9001:2008 certificated by Third part, extended and certificated from September by the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 .

Moreover, since 2016, thanks to the activities of the renewed Quality Department, CONTI SALDATURE offers the possibility of drafting Welding books and testing dossiers on demand for any apparatus and of building CE marked “pressure vessels” according to the 97/23/EC Directive. (PED)
Since April we achieved a new certification for STAMP ASME “U” BOILER & PRESSURE VESSELS-NON NUCLEAR which entails the internal design, the creation and internal trials of apparatus under pressure and exchangers

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