Who we are

“Conti Saldature di Conti Fabio e Simone S.n.c” is a Company with forty years of experience, specialised in prefabrication and welding of steels for components for pressure apparatus.

The quality management system is certified ISO9001:2008. The welding activities for pressure vessels have been certified Lloyd Register Emea “Fusion welded pressure vessels class 2.1”. We obtained the certification ASME U-Stamp and National Board .
The welding procedures used are: TIG, Electrode, MIG and Submerged Arch. Over time we have built up an experience which allows us to weld a great variety of steel alloys: from carbon steel (even at low temperatures) to Cr-Mo low alloy steels (ex. P11; P22; P5), from austenitic stainless steel (ex. 304/316/321) and Duplex (ex. 2205) to Nickel alloys (ex. Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel), or copper alloys (ex. Cupro Nickel) and then Aluminium and its derivates (ex. 5083; 6060).
According to our customers requirements and through our experience we offer assessment on the welding of any other material.
Weldings are carried out following qualified procedures (PQR), under the ASME or EN standards, certified by internationally recognised bodies (ex. B.V.; L.L.R.R.). On demand we are able to issue welding specifications (WPS) of the work to be done. For special welding problems, we make use of EWT certified consultants.

Our engineer’s competence include the welding process and qualifications: EN ISO 9712 (ex. En 473) and SNT-TC-1A for the execution of Penetrating Liquids (PT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT), Ultrasounds (UT), X-Rays (RT) and Visual Inspection (VT).

Conti Saldature di Conti Fabio e Simone S.n.c. has a modern equipment available to carry out localised thermal treatment, particularly useful for preheating and post heating of certain low alloy steels (ex. P91).

Our main customers are multinational companies working in fields such as heat exchange, Oil&Gas, Chemical, Plant for the production of valves, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, ancillaries and piping.



Our first strategic objective is to consolidates its own excellence identity in the future in the sector of welding and construction of pressure vessels. To be able to meet the changing economic, ecologic and special challenges we have refined the processes in our structures and made them more concrete.


Our prerogative is to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction; we assure success by combining the fundamental values of family business with a modern process management.
So, from our knowhow in depth of the products, springs the experience which allows us to work effectively and professionally with our clients.
To achieve a position of competitive advantage we established a lean management structure which allows us to swiftly interface with the customers, quickly resolving all the complexities inherent in the job.
The Workshop team , the key engine of the company, has been strategically improved over the years, by always hiring young and motivated people and by providing them with training and personal development. Many intellectual resources are invested in welding process qualification, in quality management, and in the continuing improvement of available technologies.


Ethics: the daily commitment of everybody in our company in the improvement, responsibility, transparence, sustainability, and development is addressed to overall client satisfaction.
Excellence: we strive to make our customers enthusiastic, creating excellent products, working quickly and efficiently towards the satisfaction of their needs and expectation.

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